project pipeline

These are the projects Track Care will be instigating once we emerge from the Covid-19 restrictions:
Green Traffic Light – ready to go and no restrictions.
Amber Traffic Light – in progress with some limitation holding back starting.
Red Traffic Light – project has a road block and will not happen in the near future.

Project Description Timeframe
Coral Bay Coastal track and dune blowout rehabilitation at several locations around Coral Bay Aug-Sept 2020Register
Dirk Hartog 1 Removal of plastic irrigation pipe spread across the islandSept-Oct 2020Register
Narloo RepairsThe roof of the Narloo station has been damaged in a storm and needs replacement. This is a short project.Jun-2020Register
Outback Graves 11 sites within the Karara Rangeland Park need markingAug-2020 Register
Yeagarup  There are areas where bollards have been removed or are needed throughout the Dune area. May-2020Register
Camel Camp Track Care has performed a review of the work required to restore TBA Register
Canning Stock Route Trip along the CSR to replenish stocks and do minor repairs as well as collect donations.2021Register
Lake Mason Restoration of the Lake Mason homestead, Tjiwarl, buildings and fencing in the region 2021Register
DBCA Tracks This is a longer term project performing Track Classification that will overlap other projects as we travel.ContinuousRegister
Walking TrailsBased in Mount Augustus and the Kennedy ranges, we will be placing walking signs on the walking trails.Sept-2020Register
Western Swamp Tortoise
Several Projects to help support work being done to re-establish this endangered reptileContinuousRegister
Wilbinga Wilbinga Fire Restoration aiding DBCAContinuousRegister