After some negotiations and COVID-19 delays, Dave Woodroffe and Graham Weber have succeeded in a preliminary meeting with DBCA Parks and Wildlife Services for a review and definition of work required in the Coral Bay area.

The main aim of the work in Coral Bay will be track rehabilitation at Five Fingers, Turtle cliffs, and Yalabaya.  The initial meeting happened on June 27 after a quick drive up from Perth by Dave, Graham and Nicky.  Two days travel then set up at the Bay View caravan park due to a lack of spaces in DBCA sites.  One day with one vehicle reviewing having a look at Turtle Cliffs and Five Fingers while the other established the distance between 9 mile camp and Coral Bay.  Friday morning was the meeting with Ranger Joe!

We had quite a long chat about what Track Care has done over the years and what we could do in the area that we looked at on the previous day.  Joe saw the value in our work and what we could do to help in the Coral Bay region.  The result of our discussions culminated in Joe suggesting that our first project could be the replanting of dune stabilisation plants in the Five Finger area.

Friday afternoon we went to a Warroora (pronounced WARRA) campsite named 14 mile camp.  A fantastic site on the ocean but half an hour via corrugated tracks to get to Five Fingers.

Examples of where work is required are in the slide show below:

The end result is that we have asked Bayview Caravan Park if we could obtain subsidised unpowered sites for our group.  This would give us an easy drive to any site where we would be working with the additional comforts of the Park.

As per all projects with Track Care, there will be time for fun and relaxation.  We will try to find some appropriate locations for fishing and swimming.

So keep an eye out because the first project will most likely be happening mid to late August with a possible two further projects next year.

If you are interested in this project then register in the Project Pipeline for Coral Bay.

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