$4556.00!! A big thank you to the Australian Government and Volunteering WA

We have been successful in our application for a 2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grant! This grant has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, and supported by Volunteering WA. A great big thank you to both organisations! This grant will allow our members to travel and work safely and confidently, particularly when in remote locations.
The grant application covered the items in the table below.

DescriptionItemNumber of units
Garmin inReach® Mini Lightweight and Compact Satellite Communicator.
These devices provide two-way global messaging, SOS functions, location sharing and weather updates.
St Johns First Response First Aid Kit.
These kits are designed for rapid response to emergency situations, are comprehensively equipped and has components individually packed for easy identification and quick access. Its lightweight, hard wearing soft pack with shoulder strap and front pocket allows storage for extra items.
St Johns Adult Disposable Manual Resuscitator.
These devices provide a COVID safe, and less taxing way of providing CPR.
Survival Smart Snake Bite Bandage.
These bandages use a pictogram to demonstrate how to achieve correct tension when applying a pressure immobilisation bandage – a critical factor in snake bite first aid.
Six bandages - 2 for each First Aid Kit.
St Johns provide First Aid in Remote Locations Course.
This course is specifically designed for people travelling, camping or working in remote areas. The course covers the basics of first aid management, along with scenarios and information contextualised to a remote setting.
This course includes online learning and 1 day of practical training.
St John have centres around WA which offer this course - so our members are not restricted to completing the course in Perth. The course can be completed anytime in 2021.
Ten members will be able to attend this course.

4WD & Adventure Show this weekend!

Looking forward to seeing every one on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show at McCallum Park.

We will have our own stand #79 (look for our new bright green gazebos!) as well as a stand in Tourism Western Australia’s “WA Adventure Travel Hub” #84.

Also Graham will be outlining what we are, what we do & where we do it at 9:45 each morning at the Engel Bush Camp Stage #258.

Come along and get a coffee at the nearby stalls before Graham speaks about Track Care: the Greatest Volunteering Experience EVER!

Sausage Sizzle Update

Bunnings has again changed their Sausage Sizzle policies in response to COVID 19. Bunnings will only allow bookings up to 4 weeks in advance, so that in a worse case scenario they only have 4 weeks of booking to cancel. Given the backlog of organisations who have already had a Sausage Sizzle cancelled this year, Bunnings has decided to select organisations to be allocate a position in each 4 week period by pulling names from a hat.

Stay tuned and hopefully we will be allocated a position sometime this year.

Hema Maps and Track Care WA

Earlier this month, Graham met with Ian, Pierre and Bryce from Hema Maps to increase awareness within Hema Maps of what Track Care has done, is doing and can do.  Discussion centred around travel and collecting data, points of Interest and Dieback in WA.

HEMA Maps has developed a new program for collecting line and point of interest data while traveling.  The synergy between HEMA and Track Care revolves around the places we go, the work we do and the information we have.

Track Care have been asked to be alpha testers on the new software.  This will involve collecting data for HEMA maps to use with their maps.  All data would be collected where possible and the cleansed data would be available for Track Care to use.

This would mean that the data Track Care uses to determine distances and time on work at various sites would have two uses: recording the travel hours for our work and supplying pathway information for Hema Maps.  The synergy between Hema Maps and Track Care ‘roaming’ is huge and we are sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.