Woohoo! July Meeting is a goer!

We are going ahead with the July meeting, but a change of day and venue was required. The usual venue is taking a very cautious approach and only allowing groups associated with the Church to use their facility, at this stage.

So the meeting will be on Thursday 16th July at the Mount Hawthorn Lesser Hall, Community Centre on Scarborough Beach Road. Access to the Lesser Hall is from Kalgoorlie Street. There is heaps of parking and we have lots of projects to discuss.

Hope to see you all there on the 16th July.

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, vaccinations and passports are not required when travelling to Mount Hawthorn!

Coral Bay 2020 looking promising

After some negotiations and COVID-19 delays, Dave Woodroffe and Graham Weber have succeeded in a preliminary meeting with DBCA Parks and Wildlife Services for a review and definition of work required in the Coral Bay area.

The main aim of the work in Coral Bay will be track rehabilitation at Five Fingers, Turtle cliffs, and Yalabaya.  The initial meeting happened on June 27 after a quick drive up from Perth by Dave, Graham and Nicky.  Two days travel then set up at the Bay View caravan park due to a lack of spaces in DBCA sites.  One day with one vehicle reviewing having a look at Turtle Cliffs and Five Fingers while the other established the distance between 9 mile camp and Coral Bay.  Friday morning was the meeting with Ranger Joe!

We had quite a long chat about what Track Care has done over the years and what we could do in the area that we looked at on the previous day.  Joe saw the value in our work and what we could do to help in the Coral Bay region.  The result of our discussions culminated in Joe suggesting that our first project could be the replanting of dune stabilisation plants in the Five Finger area.

Friday afternoon we went to a Warroora (pronounced WARRA) campsite named 14 mile camp.  A fantastic site on the ocean but half an hour via corrugated tracks to get to Five Fingers.

Examples of where work is required are in the slide show below:

The end result is that we have asked Bayview Caravan Park if we could obtain subsidised unpowered sites for our group.  This would give us an easy drive to any site where we would be working with the additional comforts of the Park.

As per all projects with Track Care, there will be time for fun and relaxation.  We will try to find some appropriate locations for fishing and swimming.

So keep an eye out because the first project will most likely be happening mid to late August with a possible two further projects next year.

If you are interested in this project then register in the Project Pipeline for Coral Bay.

Hema Maps and Track Care WA

Earlier this month, Graham met with Ian, Pierre and Bryce from Hema Maps to increase awareness within Hema Maps of what Track Care has done, is doing and can do.  Discussion centred around travel and collecting data, points of Interest and Dieback in WA.

HEMA Maps has developed a new program for collecting line and point of interest data while traveling.  The synergy between HEMA and Track Care revolves around the places we go, the work we do and the information we have.

Track Care have been asked to be alpha testers on the new software.  This will involve collecting data for HEMA maps to use with their maps.  All data would be collected where possible and the cleansed data would be available for Track Care to use.

This would mean that the data Track Care uses to determine distances and time on work at various sites would have two uses: recording the travel hours for our work and supplying pathway information for Hema Maps.  The synergy between Hema Maps and Track Care ‘roaming’ is huge and we are sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

post csr

Canning Corona Lockdown

Canning Corona Lockdown

By Jan Barrie Global Gypsies Tours
April 2020

Oh! To be out on the Canning!
Challenging dunes & corrugations,
Painted skies & starry nights
Instead I’m in bloody isolation!

Oh! To be round the campfire,
The flames make our camp look magic
But no! I’m stuck with domestic chores
Disaster for a Canning tragic!

Oh! To taste a warm damper
With a camp oven bubbling away.
Instead I’m washing my flipping hands
Fifty times a day!

Oh! To visit 51 wells
Following Canning & his crew.
But me, I’m counting days indoors –
I’m up to thirty-bloody-two!

Normally the track would be humming,
Four wheel drives pass in two’s & threes,
Sounds of engines, tyres pumping & two-ways,
But right now there’s just quiet desert peace.

One day when it’s ok to travel
We’ll be back on the great CSR
Treading lightly as we count our blessings –
Health AND nature! How lucky we are!


Track Care WA has postponed all meetings and projects until the world is a healthier place. We wish all our members and visitors to take care, but to stay tuned as there a many, many new and exciting projects that hopefully will get started this year.

Be Safe!

Big Boys Toys

A big thank you to our volunteers!

In post

This was the first year that Track Care WA was represented at the Big Boys Toys Expo and a very positive experience it proved to be judging by the number of visitors to our display. Thank you to our volunteers who staffed our display over the weekend.

Just in case you missed the event, The Big Boys Toys Expo is a dynamic family event, featuring interactive and innovative stands and entertainment, attended by huge crowds.

Essentially a Family Show, Big Boys Toys Expo brings fun and entertainment to every region it attends, with an array of exhibitors showcasing Cars, Fishing Gear, Caravans, Camping Gear, Motors, Bikes, Jetskis, Boats, Skateboards and Sporting gear – all mixed with some major entertainment and displays of cars both new and old, sprinkled with exciting “toys” for the old and young, men and women (and lots of kids too).

Ginger Slice Man

Any person able to inspire my husband of over 35 years to voluntarily venture into the kitchen without so much as an iota of trepidation, eagerly determined to expand his culinary skills beyond vegemite toast, is a truly extraordinary individual.  Bill Clarke or ‘Ginger Slice Man’ as he is affectionately known in my family, achieved just that!

Track Care WA is a volunteer organisation that has been going strong for over 28 years and although Bill has only been a member of Track Care WA for a few years, his generosity and determination to make a difference to our community is well renowned and regarded.  So, apart from Bill, no one was at all surprised that he was acknowledged at the recent Jurien 2020 Tending the Tracks Alliance event as the Volunteer of the Year.

Always working with a smile!

Bill is the sort of guy who shares his time and talents, without seeking accolades, for the sheer joy of helping and giving back.  Bill is always prepared to be involved: from clean ups at Yeagarup, the Mundaring Power Line Track and the Karara Block; to helping to establish the new Wanagarren Nature Reserve Track and participating in all Tending the Tracks Alliance events over the last 12 months.  Not only does Bill get his hands dirty to get jobs done, but he also fills the bellies of other volunteers with delicious morsels that he bakes specially – delectable biscuits, heavenly slices and seriously, the most scrumptious sausage rolls in WA!  A true master chef!

As a lad, Bill grew up in Cunderdin and maybe that explains his affinity with and desire to care for the land.  According to his daughter Tracey, he is just a great guy whose passion is to bring joy to the lives of other people and to give back to the world.  A sentiment that all Track Care WA members and Tending the Tracks Alliance volunteers would whole heartily agree.