Expressions of Interest are invited for
Track Care WA. Canning Stock Route Projects 2018.

2018 will see Track Care propose to do 2 projects.
Projects 1 & 2 will start in Perth Saturday May 19th and finish at Well 33 Saturday June 16th.

  • Project 1 is the construction of a double dunny and the refurbishment of the well at Well 33. Saturday May 19 – Saturday June 2.
  • Project 2 is the construction of a single dunny and the refurbishment of the well at Well 41. Sunday June 3 – Saturday June 16.

On our way from Well 33 to 41 we also hope to erect some metal grave surrounds at Well 37.


Our plan –
To leave Perth on Saturday May 19th and travel to Carawine Gorge via Marble Bar. Staying 2 nights at the Gorge with a day visit to Running Waters. We reach Well 33 via the Telfer Track on Thursday May 24th.  Commencing work the following day with the Martu, our plan is to complete the work by Saturday June 2nd.
We depart Well 33 on Sunday June 3rd for Well 37, we will spend 3 nights here whilst constructing the grave surrounds.
After Well 37 we move onto Well 41 arriving on Thursday June 7th. Here we meet up with the Ngurrara mob from Fitzroy Crossing. If all goes well, work should be completed by Thursday June 14th and we depart Well 41 on Friday June 15th arriving at Well 33 on Saturday June 16th.


Getting Home
Once back at Well 33, “Dunny Des” (53rd time on the C.S.R) Bunter and Jan will continue down the C.S.R to Wiluna, servicing dunnies and spending a few nights at Durba Springs and Pierre Springs (Well 6). Des & Jan plan to leave Well 33 on Sunday June 17 and be in Wiluna on Saturday June 30.
Peter Macgill will leave Well 33 on Sunday June 17 and return to Perth via Upper Carawine Gorge, Running Waters and Nullagine planning to be in Perth late Thursday June 21 or around lunch time Friday June 22.
Other options available to you after Well 41

  • continue north on the CSR to Billiluna.
  • return to Well 33 then head to Karlamilyi (Rudall River) National Park via the C.S.R or Punmu
  • return to Well 33 then head east to Alice Springs via the Gary Junction Road.

Please be aware the dates for Project 1 have been agreed to in principle BUT they are not confirmed. We do not expect to get conformation for several months.
Project 2 dates are confirmed.

Expressions of Interest Form (EOI)
Click here for EOI Project 1 2018. Well 33 Form-1, and here for EOI Project 2 2018. Well 41 Form-1.
Expressions of Interest are sought for both Projects. Please complete both forms if coming on the two Projects
If you are only available for one of the Projects, that option is available, as long as you are prepared to make your own way there or back.
Please indicate whether you are willing to tow a TCWA trailer. We are working hard to keep the weights to a minimum this year.
We have to transport materials to Well 33 (black top and gravel roads) and already have a volunteer to tow a heavy duty tandem trailer with the heavy stuff.
For Well 41 the plan is for the materials to be transported by the Fitzroy mob.
Please complete the Expression of Interest form/s and email to Peter Macgill at pmacgil1955@gmail.com
The form is an excel sheet so can be filled in, saved and emailed or alternatively printed, filled in scanned or photographed then emailed.
Also, can you please indicate which route you plan to take home after we complete the work at Well 41.
Once the EOIs have been received we will be in contact with more info, Personal and Medical form, Info pack, Trip logs, dates for the material preparation busy bee and trailer loading.
If you have any queries, please contact me.


Peter Macgill
C.S.R Committee member.
0417 914 036.