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Rangeland Reform Legislative Reform
Following attendance by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman at the Rangeland: Sustainable Economic Development in Western Australia Conference 2016 in March 2016 and the Perth Stakeholder Forum in April, the Executive determined it was important for Track Care WA Inc. to take the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Land Administration Amendment Bill 2016. 
Useful Additional Background Information
The Department of Lands has completed research, consultation, analysis and then refined issues to progress the Land Administration Amendment Bill 2016, which will be introduced into Parliament during this term of Government.  Further information from a Department of Lands perspective can be found at
The Modern Outback Report is a study by global research and public policy organisation The Pew Charitable Trusts found more people are needed in the Australian Outback to ensure one of the last immense regions of nature left on Earth remains healthy.  This report provides another perspective that is interesting reading.
You can download a summary and / or the full report from Outback WA at
Track Cares submission for download - click here!
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